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Business Model of a Toastmasters Club

Working as serial entrepreneur, investor, business coach and serving as officer and area governor in the Toastmasters landscape of Bavaria/ Germany, I have identified essential commonalities between starting up a company, an enterprise and building a new and successful Toastmasters Club.

My imagination resonated in 2009 with the upcoming web 2.0/ 3.0 technology and the need for entrepreneurs and business founders to improve their public speaking-, presentation- and media skills.

With my vision in mind – video a new dominante form of content – I developed a business plan for a new Toastmasters Club, the Munich Media Speakers .
Kicking off the Munich Media Speakers in 2009 has proven my theory.

Priority 1
The founder, 1st. president should have a clear vision about the clubs purpose, bring in the best people and have excellent networks for promoting the new club. He has to be available, manage the club for minimum 2 years, until it is established in the market place.

Priority 2
Finding mentor, team and sponsor:
a) Mentors: Munich Business Speakers Toastmaster Club & running Divisional Governor GuenterS
b) Team: Munich Media Speakers officer team (Find those who are smarter than you in there particular field of expertise)
c) Sponsor: Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship

Priority 3
Developing a business plan and linking this with the Toastmasters Successful Club Program is essential to start up and foster a Toastmaster Club.

Key Performance Indicators
1. CHARACTER/ THEME/ USP – Unique selling proposition
MMS/ „Media connected with public speaking as new content“

2. LOCATION – Attractiveness, members must love the venue
MMS/ „Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, the Creative Hall“

3. OFFICER TEAM – President/ founder, club officers must be a true leaders, driving the processes.
MMS/ „The best officer I could find in Bavaria“

4. SOCIAL/ HUMAN EXPERIENCE – a major point of the business model
MMS/ „Entertainment, MMS community building and fun“

5. MARKET/ MARKETING – Developing personal networks, relationships and connecting
MMS/ „The Munich Media Speaker Communities and global branding with Social Media platforms. Introducing the first Vice President Social Media at Toastmasters International“


7. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT PROCESS – performed by the officer team
MMS/ „Involving also the members of our Club“

Two out of our many highlights during my presidency in 2009-2011:

1.) Follow Toastmaster Akira Sasaki speaking via Skpye from Tokyo on the Munich Media Speakers virtual stage in the Creative Hall.

2.) Munich Media Speakers performing Table Topics with MBA students from Christ University in Bangalore at the Allianz Arena in Munich.
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