Assessment of the Value of Today’s Collaboration Solutions
In the last decade, the Internet, mobile, and broadband technologies redefined our way of life. Collaboration has become business-critical, adding value in many ways.

In the last decade, the powerful trio of Internet, mobile, and social technologies changed everything – from the way we search for information and consume media to how we interact with our peers and within groups. Facebook, Business Networks, YouTube, smartphones, and blogging became part of our everyday lives. Today, we enjoy infinite content, no barriers to entry, one to-many communications, and rapidly expanding social networks.

This all has a major impact on how we work together, interact in organizations‘, how we attract new clients, introduce new products, access new markets, how StartUps dominate there markets and how we collaborate with our customers.

How to Measure Success
Joining a social session may sound intriguing, but what can a business leader expect in terms of practical ROI?

Remember the three traditional ways we have identified to measure success:

  • Operational ROI: Start with Savings
  • Productivity ROI: Focus on Efficiency
  • Strategic ROI: Reinvent the Business

Our enlargement on success measurement:

  • Social ROI: *Creating netWORTH through netWORK*

The Importance of a Network-Focussed Approach
Effective collaboration begins and ends with the network and our individual positioning within. A network-focussed approach can support our increasing mobility and the full range of communication, that allow us to communicate with one another.

Key Words:

  • Social Collaboration
  • Social Capital
  • Return on Collaboration (ROC)

Bruno Müller