How do I market and sell my knowledge.

How do I market and sell my knowledge.
At the heart of every business model is  the question WHY?
(Three roles to increase the value of my clients)

1. Information
Traditionally, one expert was the owner of information that was scarce. He was paid to share this information – much like the teacher in the classroom. Nowadays, information is essentially free. With the modern tools of IT it is now possible to make information freely available and through its visibility on the net, to increase the market value (brand).

2. Experiences
My second task is to impart experience, for example with our Toastmasters Club, the Munich Media Speakers. Here people meet in the Creative Hall of the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship in Munich to develop their skills in entrepreneurship and public speaking. An ideal platform for founders and medium-sized companies, who will successfully present their business models to investors and in the markets (IPO).

3. Results
It is crucial to help people achieve measurable results. I will improve the actual situation of my listeners, if I apply my knowledge in a way that makes an important difference for my clients and listeners. This is the most valuable thing I can achieve.
Good information, smart thinking, valuable intellectual property are crucial. By providing my great experience, I can commercialize my IP.

If I help people, they will change their worlds.