Meeting Points

May, 14th 2011

(American-German-Business Club)
KPMG Exchange in Munich  

Session III (12:15 – 13:00)
„Welcome into our world of networks and business opportunities“
Presentation: AGBC Mai 2011

Voices from Market Leaders:
Moving beyond the PC
Powerful trends in mobile devices, cloud computing, and new applications are changing how people work. Learn how to keep pace.
Know what you Know
From the management point of view – success has traditionally, and almost exclusively been attributed to change management. Today, we must look at conversation, too. It was once assumed that performance is from individuals – now we know what the participation of many can create.
Social and Temporal Structures in Everyday Collaboration
Everyday work frequently involves coordinating and collaborating with others, but the structure of collaboration is largely invisible to conventional desktop applications. We are exploring ways to support everyday collaboration by allowing applications access to the social, organizational, and temporal settings within which work is conducted activity.

October 2011

On the road to zero emissions.

eCarTec 18-20 Okt 2011 (in Munich)

January 2011

Leadership Workshop at Toastmasters (District 59/ Division I) Jan. 22nd. 2011