Presenting is not easy, especially when time is of essence.

A clever method to handle this challenge is the Elevator Pitch.
It is a convincing presentation, that can only take so much time, like a ride on the lift (elevator) lasts.

The solution:
This flash presentation will be successful if the following ingredients are present:

  • Good preparation
  • Committed and figurative language
  • Precise arguments

It is said that performance-oriented salespeople are using the duration of an elevator ride, to convince their superiors and buyers of their concerns.

With the aim to acquire funds, the term is generally used by entrepreneurs to present their business idea (business plan) in front of potential investors (e.g. venture capitalists).
The time period for such Business Pitch is generally 10 minutes, as it is performed at the „Munich Business Plan Competition“ (evobis GmbH) in the so-called „Dry Run“.

My recommendation
The usage of mental pictures and comparisons is essential for such targeted presentations.

  • In preparation for my elevator pitch, I do focus on the market, the target group and the uniqueness of my products or services that may compare to its competitors
  • Committed and efficient response is critical to the success of my elevator pitch, less data and facts
  • Creating he good feeling with my picturial language, if the subject allows this
  • Other positive associations, I will send out with dedicated and appropriate body language and my clear voice.

How do I start the pitch?

  • Proclaiming my name and the company name
  • Focussing my interlocutors attention through passion and direct eye contact

As general example:
Opens with a summary of the Elevator Speech (max. 25 words)
E.g. My firm (company name) is a company (industry), which develops a product (product category), with features such as (advantage’s of the product), which is superior to the existing solutions, such as (competitor)

  • Outlining problem and solution
  • Demonstrate benefits (value proposition)
  • Application / service / price model

7 important prerequisites for a good elevator pitch

  1. Short & precise
  2. Clearly highlighting the customer benefits
  3. Clear conception and task (no details, not go in depth)
  4. Stay concrete (tangible)
  5. Captivating and inspiring (emotion)
  6. Customized for the audience
  7. Credible presentation (what problem do we solve?)

The end of my pitch

  1. Call to Action
  2. Addressed the reaction of my dialogue partner, possibly talk about references
  3. Business card handed over
  4. Asking for a meeting to discuss the details

The result
Maximum success will be achieved, when my respondend is handing over his business card and a follow-up appointment is arranged.

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