What words do you use to demonstrate conviction, to connect with your audience or to inspire and communicate confidence in your subject matter? 

My practical experience in public speaking, teaching and coaching has given me a lot of insights in this matter.
Yehuda Berg gives an excellent description:

“Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.”

Below you will find 12 tips and tricks that will make you a more charismatic speaker. It will explain how  the inspired use of figurative language will transform your message.


  • Use metaphor
  • Use stories and anecdote
  • Show moral conviction
  • Share the sentiments of the collective
  • Set high expectations for yourself and your audience
  • Communicate confidence that the goals your describing can be met
  • Use simple specific rhetorical devices, including contrast (to frame and focus the message)
  • Use lists (to give the impression of completeness)
  • Use rhetorical questions (to create anticipation and puzzles that require an answer or a solution)


  • Convey your emotional state, whether positive or negative, to demonstrate passion and obtain support for what is being said
  • Use powerful body gestures and unambiguous facial expressions for emphasis
  • Use an animated voice tone

Bill Clinton was a master at this particular skill. Take a look at this example from the Democratic Convention, just before the US presidential election in 2012.


Public Speaking